Architect Information Page

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Rural Development (RD) Programs, such as Community Facility (CF), Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG), Multi-Family Housing (MFH), involve the construction of new buildings or renovation of existing facilities. The development of these facilities involves the need for architectural services for the preparation of plans, specifications, public bidding, contracting, construction, and construction monitoring.

Applicants, at the earliest possible time, should provide a Preliminary Architectural Feasibility Report, including the cost Estimate, for the review by the RD Area Loan Specialist. These two documents are needed to determine the project's feasibility. Rural Development's State Architect will evaluate and provide architectural/construction guidance to the Applicants and their Architects, for RD financed architectural projects, in the following areas:

  • Initial site visit & evaluation of the proposed project
  • Preliminary Architectural Feasibilty Report
  • Agency concurrence of Owner/Architect Agreements
  • Agency acceptance of Plans & Specifications
  • Agency concurrence of Construction Contract documents
  • Construction & construction monitoring