USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Submission Policies and Procedures

In order to reduce the time spent on processing incomplete or inaccurate applications, the Pennsylvania Rural Development team will be enforcing the following policy starting immediately: Per 7 CFR Part 1980, subpart D, section 1980.354(b), if the request for a Conditional Commitment for loan note guarantee is incomplete, the reviewing loan specialists will inform you via email of the missing information. All requested documents or data are to be sent in ONE EMAIL to the reviewing specialist. If the information is not received within three (3) business days of the date of e-mail notification, the application will be withdrawn. Withdrawn applications may be resubmitted to Please ensure that all supporting documents such as VOEs, appraisals, credit reports, etc. are still valid.

Requests for Rush Reviews can NOT be accommodated. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1980 subpart D, section 1980.353(a) requires complete applications to be considered by the Agency in the order received from Lenders. Lenders SHOULD NOT schedule loan closings until a signed Commitment from Rural Development is received.

Please note that when we are finishing or beginning a day of reviews that the previous day (or two) may still be in the process of being completed and not all of the commitments will be out of the system. Please realize there may be an extra day between when we have changed days and all of the commitments have been issued. DO NOT call or email the office until there has been time to process all of the commitments.