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Pennsylvania PNs and ANs and link to National Office Regulations

This page provides a listing of the current Pennsylvania Procedure Notices (PN) and Administrative Notices (AN) and the corresponding regulations. The PNs and ANs are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

For the National Office listing of Rural Development instructions, please visit:

Current Pennsylvania Procedure Notices (PN)

Title Date

PA PN 252 1902-A Debt Collection and Electronic Funds Transfer 12/03/1999

PA PN 266 4274-D Security Requirements/Control Agreement 07/03/2002

PA PN 267 1955-C
Release of Restrictive Covenant
PA RD Form 1955-C-2

PA PN 268 2006-Z Proper Use of Government Equipment 10/29/2002

PA PN 269 2042-B Reporting Accidents 11/25/2002

PA PN 274 2036-A Actual Subsistence Request 05/27/2003

PA PN 276 2006-I Calendars of Work 07/18/2003

PA PN 281 1924-A PA Uniform Construction Code 05/19/2004

PA PN 282 2006-M Area Director Oversite Visit Report 07/27/2004

PA PN 289 1775 Technical Assistance Training/Solid Waste Management Grant Processing 01/25/2005

PA PN 290 1942-A
Certification of Compliance with Federal Requirements/Laws 01/31/2005

PA PN 291 1940-G
Environmental Review Document File 02/07/2005

PA PN 293 2066-A Subpoenas for Testimony or Records from an Employee of the Department of Agriculture
Subpoena Memo

PA PN 294 1900-A Delegations of Authority for Rural Development Programs in Pennsylvania 08/02/2005

PA PN 296 1924-A Clarification of Agency Acceptance of Modular and/or Panelized Housing Unit Relative to SFH Program in Pennsylvania 12/05/2005

PA PN 299 2024-A (Non-Contractual Payments) Program Authority to Rural Development Program Housing Staff in Pennsylvania 11/28/2006

PA PN 300 2006-A Manual Maintenance 09/29/2006

PA PN 301 1951-B Establishing and Maintaining Collection Files and Responsibilities of Rural Development Manager and Management Control Officer in Conduting Monthly and Annual Collection Reviews 10/17/2006

PA PN 302 1905-A Report Cards 12/06/2006

PA PN 304 2015-B PA Communications Plan 06/18/2007

PA PN 305 1980-D
Appraisal Review Policy 10/04/2007

PA PN 306 2066-A OPM Form 71 and Hazardous Leave 03/20/2008

PA PN 308 1951-D Mortgage Satisfactions 08/11/2008

PA PN 309 2057-A Pennsylvania Rural Development Training Policy 03/16/2009

PA PN 310 2024-A Purchase Card File Organizer 04/08/2009

PA PN 311 2024-A Completing Form AD-700 Procurement Request 06/18/2009

PA PN 312 2024-A Process for Requesting Supplies/Services for Purchases from Outside Sources 10/19/2009

PA PN 313 HB-1-3550 Dealer-Contractors for Manufactured Homes in Pennsylvania
Replaced by PA PN 330 (HB-1-3550)

PA PN 314 2036-A Non-Refundable Airfare Acknowledgement 03/10/2010

PA PN 316 2051-F Hours of Duty Handbook and WebTA Data Screen Usage 03/26/2010

PA PN 318 2018-F Logging FOIA and PA Requests 08/26/2010

PA PN 320 1927-B
Mortgage for Pennsylvania 01/28/2011

PA PN 321 2066-A Hazardous Weather Policy 02/10/2011

PA PN 322 2024-A Acquisition, Sales and Leasing Authority 02/10/2011

PA PN 323 1927-B Title Clearance Loan Closing 03/28/2011

PA PN 324 2024-B Administrative Procedure for Separating Employees Form AD-139 04/19/2011

PA PN 325 2057-A Rural Development Employee Training and Development Program 05/18/2011

PA PN 326 2018-G Uniform Cost Comparison Format 06/01/2011

PA PN 327 1901-F
Use of Federally Approved Financial Assistance in Accordance with National Historic Preservation Act, National Environmental Policy Act and RD Instruction 1901-F, 1940-G and 1794 01/17/2012

PA PN 328 2045-A Telecommuting (Flexiplace/Telework) Supplemental Guidance 02/06/2012

PA PN 329 2033-A Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Sensitive But Unclassified Data (SBU), Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and Authorization to Remove Files and GFE 02/06/2012

PA PN 330 HB-1-3550 Dealer-Contractor List for Manufactured Homes in Pennsylvania 10/01/2012

Current Pennsylvania Administrative Notices (AN)

Title Expiration Date

PA AN 1260 1940-G
Farmland Analysis Including Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) Procedures 01/31/2012

PA AN 1261 1940-G
Public and Private Party Notices 01/31/2012

PA AN 1265 1980-D Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Checklist for Guaranteed Loans 07/31/2012

PA AN 1270 1780 Priority Point Rating Policy for Pennsylvania - Water and Environmental Program 01/31/2013

PA AN 1272 1942-A
Rural Area Policy for Pennsylvania 04/30/2013

PA AN 1276 1780 Application Processing Procedures for Water and Environmental Program 03/31/2014

PA AN 1281 1940-G
Intergovernmental Review of RD Programs and Activities in Pennsylvania 10/31/2014

PA AN 1282 2006-M State Internal Review - Fiscal Year 2014 10/31/2014

PA AN 1283 1944-N Clarification of Servicing Issues within the Housing Preservation Grant Program 02/28/2015

PA AN 1284 2051-F Hours of Duty - Pennsylvania Rural Development (RD) 2/28/2015

PA AN 1285 HB-1-3550 Area Loan Limits for FY 2014 (effective May 1, 2014) 04/30/2015

PA AN 1286 1942-A Application Processing Procedures for Community Facilities Program 04/30/2015

PA AN 1287 HB-1-3550 New Eligible Rural Areas for Single Family Housing 05/31/2015

PA AN 1288 1902-A Valid Certificate of Title for Emergency Vehicles - Community Facilities Program 06/30/2015

PA AN 1289 1942-C Dates of Documents Used in "Pre-Closing" ACH/EFT Transactions 06/30/2015

PA AN 1290 HB-1-3550 Homeowner Education 08/31/2015

PA AN 1291 1780 Rural Utilities Service Bulletin 1780-26 (PA Revision 9/14) 04/30/2014

Last Modified:12/19/2014 
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