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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Contacts

State Office
Edif 654 Plaza
654 Ave Munoz Rivera Ste 601
San Juan, PR 00918-4129
Voice: (787)766-5095
TDD: (787)766-5332
Fax: (787)281-4993 / (787)766-5844

Name Email Ext
José A. Otero
State Director x176
Luis García
Assistant to the State Director x151
Miguel Ramirez
Public Affairs Coordinator x155
Pedro Gomez
Administrative Programs Director x141
Ángel Escudero
Human Resources Manager x143
Arlene I. Zambrana
Housing Program Director x156
Nereida Rodríguez
Community Programs Director x166
Danna Quiles
Business & Cooperative Programs Director x171


Caguas Sub-Area Office
Gatsby Plaza, Suite 300
30 Calle Padial
Caguas, PR 00725
Voice: (787)743-1600 / (787)743-1612
Fax: (787)745-4554

Name Email Ext
Hector Nunez
Area Director X123
Julio Chevres
Area Specialist/Team Leader X122



Juana Díaz Sub-Area Office
Plaza Juana Díaz
Suite B-20
Juana Díaz, PR 00795
Voice: (787)837-2460 / (787)837-3220
Fax: (787)260-6001 / (787)260-6022

Name Email Ext
Hector Nunez
Area Director X105


Utuado Area Office
47 Ave. Fernando Luis Ribas
Utuado, PR 00641
Voice: (787)894-4657 / (787)894-2416
Fax: (787)894-8770 / (787)894-6196

Name Email Ext
Jorge López
Area Director X107
Yarelis Rosado
Area Specialist/Team Leader X108
Ana T. Arce
Area Specialist X118


Morovis Sub-Area Office
Carr. 6622 K.m. 2.1
Sector La Línea
Morovis, PR 00687
Voice: (787)862-2095 / (787)862-3160
Fax: (787)862-5462

Name Email Ext
Isabel Rios
Loan Specialist X103
Nivia Otero
Area Technician X104


San Germán Area Office
Caribbean Cinema Court Building
Carretera # 2 Esquina Carr. #122, Km. 174
San Germán, PR 00683
Voice: (787)892-1480 / (787)892-2725
Fax: (787)892-4411

Name Email Ext
Héctor Núñez
Area Director X107


Camuy Sub-Area Office
80 Ave. Muñoz Rivera Este, Suite 2
Camuy, PR 00627
Voice: (787)898-2355 / (787)898-3772
Fax: (787)262-1074

Name Email Ext
Héctor Núñez
Area Director X102
Last Modified:03/20/2014 
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