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Publications: Program Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets are in HTML and PDF formats. See our document accessibility page if you need help to use these.

Rural Development Fact Sheets

  • PA 1807: Committed to the Future of Rural Communities -- PDF
  • PA 1807-S: Estamos dedicatos al futuro de comunidades rurales -- PDF

Business and Cooperative Fact Sheets

  • PA 1589: Business Programs --PDF
  • PA 1589-S: Programas Para Negocios -- PDF
  • PA 1590: Cooperative Services -- PDF
  • PA 1928: Rural Energy Programs -- PDF

Housing and Community Facilities Fact Sheets

  • PA 1556: Housing Programs -- PDF
  • PA 1556-S: Programas de Vivienda -- PDF
  • PA 1557: Community Facilities Loans and Grants -- PDF
  • PA 1557-S: Préstamos y Concesiones Para Establecimientos Comunitarios -- PDF
  • PA 1662: Rural Housing Options for Elderly People -- PDF
  • PA 1662-S: Opciones de Viviendas Rurales Para Ancianos -- PDF
  • PA 1872: Rural Development Housing Vouchers: Answers for Property Owners -- PDF
  • PA 1873: Rural Development Housing Vouchers: Answers for Tenants -- PDF
  • PA 1873-S: Vales para vivienda de Desarrollo Rural de la USDA: Respuestas a las preguntas de los inquilinos -- PDF
  • PA 1998: Things You Should Know About USDA Rural Rental Housing -- PDF
  • PA 1998-S: Casas que debe saber acerca del alquiler de viviendas rurales del USDA -- PDF
  • PA 2041: Community Facilities Loans and Grants for Rural Libraries -- PDF

Utilities Fact Sheets

  • PA 1611-S: Programas de Agua y Saneamiento -- PDF
  • PA 1678: Providing Rural America With Essential Utility Services -- PDF
  • PA 1678-S: Proveyendo a América Rural Con Servicios Públicos Esenciales -- PDF
  • PA 1789: Assistance for Rural Electric Utilities -- PDF
  • PA 1806: Water and Environmental Programs -- PDF
  • PA 2011: Distance Learning and Telemedicine -- PDF
  • PA 2013: Broadband Community Connect Grant Program -- PDF
  • PA 2092: Rural Broadband Loan Program PDF
  • PA 2101: Telecommunications Loan Program PDF
  • PA 2137: Infrastructure Funding for Substantially Underserved Trust Areas PDF
Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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