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Regulations And Guidance

Bulletins - Telecommunications

If a bulletin is available online, clicking the link will bring up the text of the document. To obtain copies of bulletins that are not available online, please contact Adam Miller by email at or by phone at (202) 720-8674 (not toll-free).

Bulletin PDF Description
320-12 .pdf Fedwire Deposit System Wire Message Format (9/1/1982)
344-3 .pdf Buy American Requirement (7/28/55)
345-3 .pdf Acceptance of Standards, Specifications, Equipment Contract Forms, Manual Sections, Drawings, Materials and Equipment for the Telephone Program (10/8/1981)
345-54 .pdf Revised Page in REA Specifications PE-52 (8/7/1972)
345-72 .pdf Settlement of Debt Owed by Electric Borrowers (9/26/1997)
345-78 .pdf Specifications for Carbon Arrester Assemblies for Use in Protectors, PE-78 (5/4/1980)
345-83 .pdf Specification for Gas Tube Surge Arresters, PE-80 (7/1979)
415-1 .pdf Provisions for the inclusion of Rural Telephone Bank - Sale of Property by Telephone Borrowers (8/31/1960)
1710B-1 .pdf Guide to Federal Financing Bank Loans Guaranteed by RUS (2/24/1998)
1744-2 .pdf Instructions for Preparing Financial and Statistical Reports for Telecommunications Borrowers (3/5/01)
1724E-400 .pdf Building plans and specifications (8/16/1995)
1751E-302 .pdf Power requirements for digital central office equipment (10/15/1993)
1751E-319 .pdf Interoffice trunking and signaling (11/16/1993)
1751E-320 .pdf Emergency generating and charging equipment (07/14/1993)
1751E-322 .pdf Application Guide for the preparation of Detailed Digital Centeral Office Equipment Requirements (Form 522) (10/7/1993)
1751F-626 .pdf Staking of Aerial Plant (5/4/94)
1751F-630 .pdf Design of Aerial Plant (includes drawings) (1/19/1996)
1751F-635 .pdf Construction of Aerial Plant (includes drawings) (6/12/1996)
1751F-640 .pdf Design of buried plant, physical considerations (includes drawings) (3/3/1995)
1751F-641 .pdf Construction of Buried Plant (includes drawings) (6/30/1995)
1751F-642 .pdf Construction route planning of buried plant (includes drawings) (6/30/1995)
1751F-643 .pdf Underground Plant Design (includes drawings) (8/28/02)
1751F-644 .pdf Underground Plant Construction (includes drawings) (Update 8/28/02)
1751F-650 .pdf Aerial Plant Guying and Anchoring (includes drawings) (7/3/1996)
1751F-670 .pdf Outside Plant corrosion considerations (9/02/1993)
1751F-801 .pdf Electrical Protection Fundamentals (includes drawings) (5/22/1995)
1751F-802 .pdf Electrical Protection Grounding Fundamentals (includes drawings) (4/12/1994)
1751F-805 .pdf Electrical Protection at Customer Locations (.pdf version includes drawings) (5/22/1995)
1751F-810 .pdf Electrical Protection of Digital & Lightwave Telecommunications Equipment (7/31/1997)
1751F-815 .pdf Electrical Protection of Outside Plant (5/22/1995)
1751H-403 .pdf Digital Transmission Fundamentals (7/2/1991)
1751H-405 .pdf Digital Transmission Systems (5/5/1994)
1751H-501 .pdf Fundamentals of ISDN (4/12/1991)
1751H-601 .pdf Lightwave Fundamentals, Systems and Applications (5/17/1991)
1751H-701 .pdf Radio System Fundamentals, Point-to-Point Digital Microwave Radio (3/16/1992)
1751H-703 .pdf Radio System - BETRS (9/18/1991)
1751H-705 .pdf Fundamentals of cellular radio service (12/27/1991)
1753E-001 .pdf Specifications for digital, stored program controlled central office equipment (Form 522) (1/23/1996)
1753E-002 .pdf Telecommunications Software License Agreement (4/26/1994)
1753E-004 .pdf RUS Performance Specification for Line Concentrators (9/15/1995)
1753E-201 .pdf Specifications and Drawings for Underground Electric Distribution (11/7/1996)
1753F-150 .pdf RUS Form 515a - Specifications and Drawings for Construction of Direct Buried Plant (.pdf includes drawings) (9/30/10)
1753F-151 .pdf RUS Form 515b - Specification and Drawings for Construction of Underground Plant (.pdf includes drawings) (8/21/01)
1753F-152 .pdf RUS Form 515c - Specifications and Drawings for Construction of Aerial Plant (.pdf includes drawings) (8/21/01)
1753F-153 .pdf RUS Form 515d - Specification and Drawings for Service Installation at Customer Access Locations (.pdf includes drawings) (8/21/01)
1753F-201 .pdf Acceptance Tests and Measurements of Telecommunications Plant (.pdf includes drawings) (8/26/1997)
1753F-204 .pdf Specifications for Aerial Service Wires (PE-7) (8/22/1996)
1753F-205 .pdf Specification for Filled Telephone Cable (PE-39) (6/4/1993)
1753F-206 .pdf Specifications for Filled Buried Wire (PE-86) (1/14/1994)
1753F-207 .pdf Specifications for Terminating Cables (PE-87) (7/14/1994)
1753F-208 .pdf Specifications for Filled Telephone Cables with Expanded Insulation (PE-89) (6/4/1993)
1753F-302 .pdf Specifications for Outside Plant Housings and Serving Area Interface System (PE-91) (.pdf includes drawings) (7/3/1996)
1753F-401 .pdf Standards for Splicing Copper and Fiber Optic Cable (PC-2) (.pdf includes drawings) (3/3/1995)
1753F-601a .pdf Minimum Performance Specification for Fiber Optic Cables (For Backbone, Feeder and Distribution Plant)(PE-90a) (12/22/09)
1753F-601b .pdf Minimun Performance Specifications for Filled Fiber Optic Cables (Subscriber Drop Cables) (12/22/09)
1753F-801 .pdf Service Installations at Customer Access Locations (PC-5A) (.pdf includes drawings) (9/11/01)
1770-1 .pdf REA Work Order Procedure (also available in .txt) (7/16/1992)
1770B-1 .pdf Part 32, Uniform System of Accounts and Supplementary Accounts (11/12/1992)
1794A-600 .pdf Guide for Preparing and Environment Report for Categorically Excluded Projects (12/15/1998)
Last Modified:01/14/2013 
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