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Presentations from the Buyers and Sellers Outreach Conferences


New York  June 30th - July 1st


Buyers and Sellers Showcase


Welcome, Introductions and Opening Comments Michael Bosak, USDA RD, MFH Program Director  NY 

                                                Larry Anderson, Acting Deputy Administrator, MFH National Office

Overview of 515 transfer process, prepayment, MPR, underwriting, 538 program by RD National Office staff

Appraisals and CNAís a panel discussion with RD National Office

Tax issues when buying and selling Marc Fecteau, CPA, Fecteau, PLLC                                                                                                                                                                    Tim Flaherty, CPA,  Salmin, Celona, Wehrle & Flaherty, LLP

 3rd Party Financial Resources part I-presentations and discussion: Moderated by Alma Balonon-Rosen, Enterprise                                           Community Partners  Obediah Baker, Housing Assistance Council (HAC);

                                                 Carl Wagner, Lancaster Pollard;

                                                 Bridget Morrissey, Federal Home Loan Bank                                         

Welcome and Remarks  Jill Harvey, USDA Rural Development , State Director for New York

3rd Party Financial Resources part II-presentations and discussion: Lenny Skrill, NYS Dept of Housing and Community Renewal:                                                     Deborah VanAmorongen, Nixon Peabody; Russ Kaney, Enterprise Community Partners;                                                 Tom Eastman, Enterprise Community Partners

Case studies: roadblocks, creativity and solutions:  Case Study One: Whispering Waters, NJ

                                              Ron Rukenstein, Developer; George Hyatt, Rural Development

Case Study: management issues pre and post transfer  Donna Bonfardeci, Kinderhook Development LLC

Case studies: roadblocks, creativity and solutions  Case Study Two:  Kenyon Salo, CT 

                                                Kenyon Salo, Developer; Craig Hackett, Bonneville Mortgage, 538 lender; Paul Geoffroy, Rural Development           

Legal issues when buying and selling  Steven Weiss, attorney, Cannon Heyman & Weiss, LLP; 

                                                Susan Sturman-Jennings, attorney, Conifer Realty LLC                                                                               


Thursday July 1:    Itís Green Day!


Discussion of Green Initiatives and Green Communities  National  Office Staff; Alma Balonon-Rosen, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Green Resources of the Financial Kind Dan Buyer, New York State Weatherization program;

                                                Andrew  Padian, Community Preservation Corporation

Take a look at some actual green projects done in several states Darien Crimmin, WinnDevelopment; Ron Rukenstein, Rukenstein & Associates LLP                              

Healthy Buildings: Indoor Environmental Problems and Solutions  Bob Krell, IAQ Technologies

Closing Remarks and Wrap up  Michael Bosak, NY RD MFH Program Director  RD National Office Staff




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