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Capital Needs Assessment

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CNA 101


Capital Needs Assessment information for beginners.   This file is a 45 minute PowerPoint with discussion recorded on February 18,2009.  It includes information on what a CNA is, when it's required, and gives the basics of a CNA.

CNA 101 Slides (only)                                   CNA Example Spreadsheet


CNA Reviewer Information (Part 1)

CNA Reviewer Information (Part 2)

These videos provide more advanced information on Capital Needs Assessments for CNA Reviewers, their Back-Ups, and other interested RD employees.  Each part is approximately 45 minutes and includes a PowerPoint and discussion on CNAs recorded on February 25, 2009.  Includes information on CNA costs, and updates on requirements for CNAs for FY09.  Covers "Durations", updating versus revising a CNA, etc.  

CNA Reviewer Slides (only)                          CNA Example Spreadsheet

 Tips and Tricks document                             CNA Cost Data Information


CNA Provider Information (Part 1)

CNA Provider Information (Part 2)

Once loaded, these videos will present the CNA Provider training recorded March 4, 2009.  These videos present applicable information to bring CNA Providers up to date on FY09 information.   Each part is approximately 45 minutes and includes a PowerPoint and discussion.   The second video (Part 2) has audio only for about 3-5 minutes at the beginning.  (Please accept our apologies for the technical inconsistency.)

CNA Provider Slides (only)                            CNA Example Spreadsheet

Tips and Tricks document



If you have any questions or have difficulty accessing or viewing the video, please contact Bill Downs at 202-720-1499 or via e-mail william.downs@wdc.usda.gov.

These videos may be viewed from this site as streaming video, or may be downloaded to your computer for viewing at a later time.   


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