Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4004196
, Apr 20, 2010 --

Outline of Need: Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and the Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) in Rushville, Neb. were utilizing outdated and inadequate equipment for saving lives, placing those lives in jeopardy. Because of the age of the equipment, replacement parts could not be obtained for the existing blood pressure monitor and the Jaws of Life.

How Rural Development Helped: USDA Rural Development American Recovery and Reinvestment Act community facility grant funds provided $12,250, which were leveraged with $24,020 from the City of Rushville to purchase new life saving equipment.

The Results: Today, over 1,000 residents in Rushville and surrounding areas benefit from the new equipment. The EMTs and Rushville VFD are convinced that they are better equipped to save lives with the new blood pressure monitor, Jaws of Life and the added chest compression machine. The chest compression machine allows CPR to be performed by one person when only one technician is available. Within two weeks of acquiring the new equipment, the chest compression machine saved the life of a local man.

“The right tools that work properly make all the difference on those critical life saving calls. We’re a small rescue squad in a small community; this grant gave us an opportunity to upgrade/replace the equipment that we needed in order to provide quality service to our community.” --Becky Haller, Rushville Rescue Assistant Chief