Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4004235
, May 28, 2010 --

Outline Of Need: The Perkins County Conservation District was in need of a new building to house tree planting and conservation equipment. The District was also in need of a building that would provide tree sale services to the residents of the county.

How Rural Development Helped: The USDA Rural Development Community Facility Program assisted the Conservation District with a direct loan of $78,295, and grant funds of $10,000 to construct a tree shed/storage building. The new facility will allow the Perkins County Conservation District to expand its goods and services to the customers who reside in the county. In addition, there will now be adequate space for the District to properly store all of their equipment, as well as their trees.

The Results: The conservation district had outgrown their present facility due to increased growth over the years. Their present space was also not in compliance with handicapped accessibility requirements. The tree shed will be a 32’ X 72’ post frame building located across the street from the USDA Service Center in Bison, SD. There will be increased space for larger walk in coolers to store trees. This new facility will also be handicapped accessible and provide sufficient storage, maintenance, and work space for the employees and equipment.

“With this loan and grant, it will be possible for our conservation district to improve our services in the county,” said Ron Harris, Chairman of the Perkins County Conservation District.

Construction of the building is near completion and the Conservation District will be able to provide services in a more efficient and effective manner.