Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4005672
, Sep 01, 2010 --

Outline Of Need: The City of Ipswich is making improvements to its water system with assistance from the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding. “The federal funding will assist the City of Ipswich with constructing a new 150,000 gallon elevated tower, provide a back-up power source, and all water meters will be replaced,” said Meeks. “These upgrades will assist the City of Ipswich with providing a continued service to the 460 users of the system.”

How Rural Development Helped: USDA Rural Development Water and Waste Direct Loan in the amount of $1,635,000 and a Grant of $1,593,000.

The Results: The City of Ipswich purchases all of its water from WEB Water Development and the quality is excellent. USDA Rural Development financing is necessary to assist with keeping the rates from becoming unreasonably high for the residents. The water system has not had significant upgrades and this project will reduce line breakages and water losses where the old cast iron lines are still being used. In addition, the new elevated water tank will greatly improve water pressure and fire flows throughout the town. Water meters will be replaced and residents will soon be receiving a monthly bill verses the self-reading method currently being used. Federal funds will be leveraged with a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $500,000 and other state funding totaling $1,300,000.

“This project will allow Ipswich to have a water system which is second to none without adding high water rates for the city’s residents. The original system, including the tower and lines were constructed in 1910,” said David Penfield, Mayor of the City of Ipswich. “The loans and grants make it possible for Ipswich to continue improving its infrastructure. We are a small community with all the benefits and amenities of a large community. Our goal is to advance into the future in a progressive manner for the benefit of all residents.”

Click here to view a photo of new Water Tower construction.