Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4006455
, Nov 18, 2010 --

Outline Of Need: The Bradish family, consisting of husband and wife, were living in a one room storage facility. Their children had ventured out on their own, but the grandchildren would come to visit. Needless to say, things were cramped and the family desperately needed adequate housing.

How Rural Development Helped: The family heard of the Self-Help Housing program through Rural Development and applied for a loan. After some difficulties they were determined eligible, with no down payment on the loan. Suddenly there was hope in their future.

The Results: Participation in the Self-Help Housing Program resulted in a new home for the family. Mr. Bradish is a contractor and, as a “stand alone” participant in the program was able to do all of the construction himself. Now their children and grandchildren can come to visit with plenty of room to visit and play, ant the living conditions for Mr. and Mrs. Bradish are finally decent, safe, and sanitary. A happy family for sure!