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Bismarck, MO, Aug 18, 2010 --

@@In a ceremony on August, 18 2010, Janie Dunning, Missouri State Director for USDA Rural Development, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the City of Bismarck.

The certificate was presented in recognition of the City of Bismarck and their effort to stimulate the economy by utilizing $7,780,790 in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The USDA Rural Development water and waste water funds include a $2,500,000 loan and $3,564,790 grant. These funds will finance the rehabilitation of the existing wastewater treatment plant to meet regulatory requirements and several improvements to collection system to reduce infiltration and inflow problems the city has been experiencing. The project will benefit the 1,470 residents living in the City with an improved sewer system.

“Ensuring the citizens of Bismarck have the proper equipment to keep the city’s sewage treatment plant running effectively is crucial to the needs of the community,” U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill said. “I’m pleased to hear that with the help of competitive funds from the USDA, they can continue to offer safe drinking water.”

“This is a great partnership effort when everyone works together for a common goal of meeting the needs of an environmentally safe waste disposal system,” said Dunning. “This project mirrors USDA Rural Development’s mission and President Obama’s initiative of being committed to the future of rural communities. I want to personally thank everyone who worked together to make this project a reality. I am pleased that so many rural households will benefit from an adequate and dependable waste disposal system”

Anita J. Dunning added, “Appreciation is also extended to our federal elected officials for supporting the USDA Rural Development programs. They have been strong proponents for the necessary funding for essential services for rural Missourians.”

Mayor Cindy Layton stated, "The Bismarck Board of Aldermen and I look forward to working with U.S.D.A (Rural Development) in moving the Bismarck Wastewater Project forward."

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