Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4007354
, Oct 26, 2010 --

Earlier in 2010, USDA hosted a series of successful Jobs Forums in Oregon to follow up with President Obama’s Job Creation Roundtable. USDA Rural Development was asked to repeat the process in southwestern Oregon to help spur ideas for innovation, creativity and economic development in rural areas and small towns in Oregon’s Coos, Douglas and Curry Counties. The event was held in North Bend on October 26.

"We invited business and labor leaders, as well as the general public to share with us their ideas about job creation and revitalizing the rural economy," said Vicki Walker, State Director of Rural Development.

"Job developers and agency staff at the state and county levels have also provided input to our effort and it has been much appreciated," she continued.

The event was held Tuesday, October 26, 2010 from 9:00 AM to Noon in at the North Bend Library North Bend Public Library at1800 Sherman Ave.

In attendance were approximately 60 local elected officials, researchers, business and labor leaders, job developers, agency staff at the federal, state and county levels, and members of the general public who willing to share their good ideas about job creation and revitalizing the rural economy.

Feedback gathered at the forum will be provided to USDA for consideration at the national level. More importantly, the information will help private, local, state and federal interests working here in Oregon to incorporate local feedback, collaborate, and leverage resources to improve local economies.