Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4007680
, Jan 14, 2011 --

Outline of Need:

Located in McCook, Nebraska, the McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) applied for funds to support a Center for Entrepreneurship or E-ship Center. The goal of MEDC in establishing the E-Ship Center is to assist existing businesses that are exploring new avenues, as well as to assist aspiring individuals with turning an idea into a business reality.

How Rural Development Helped:

Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) funds in the amount of $76,050 were leveraged with $42,148 in match from MEDC and $44,080 from Mid-Plains Community College.

The Results:

RBEG funds were used to pay for equipment, supplies and contractual expenses. Much of the office furniture acquired through this grant was purchased through Cornhusker State Industries, a division of the Nebraska Department of Corrections. Resources available to those accessing the E-Ship Center include computers, software, databases, classes, market information, reference material and subscriptions. Services provided include increased access to capital, technical/business management training and hands-on assistance, and technology transfer assistance. Training and other services will be provided by working in cooperation with Mid Plains Community College. The E-Ship Center is both a physical center located in McCook at the Keystone Business Center and a virtual center in which persons may access information and classes through technology and distance learning venues. The physical center resides at the historic Keystone Hotel, re-developed as a mixed-use Business Center. Engineering and architecture work for the new facility was completed with support from the Economic Development Administration through the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“We are immensely grateful for the USDA support in this project. We just would not have been able to achieve the full potential of our project without their help in outfitting the facility with the right computer technology, audio visual equipment and furniture.”-Executive Director  Rex Nelson, MEDC