Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4007738
, Mar 01, 2010 --

Prairieland Foods, LLC is a locally owned and operated dairy processing facility located in rural Hallam, Nebraska. The facility was purchased to meet the growing demand for a local, source verified; sustainable supply of dairy foods and ingredients as well as to diversify the market exposure for milk produced at local dairies, including partner company Prairieland Dairy, LLC. Financing was needed to refinance existing debt and to provide working capital to meet the growing demands.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds through USDA Rural Developmentā€™s Business and Industry Guaranteed loan program assisted the First State Bank of Cortland to provide Prairieland Foods, LLC a loan.

Prairieland Foods, LLC purchased the vacant lot adjacent to the existing plant to increase the parking lot, plan to pave the route for milk trucks and expand the refrigerated area. Prairieland has increased their milk production and expanded their markets. The processing facility provides several fluid milk products to the area, with a target market in Lancaster County (where the state capital of Lincoln is located).

Primary Manager, Dan Rice and the Sales and Marketing Manager, Terry Landes both bring an extensive knowledge of the dairy industry to the operation. Dan Rice has decreased costs and increased production at the facility since its purchase.

The total project saved four jobs and created four new jobs. Salaries for the workers have increased with the average wage being $31,000 per year, which is $10,000 over the per capita annual income for Hallam.

The future goals of this facility are to diversify the market exposure for milk produced at local dairies and to expand the market.