Success Story
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, Jun 01, 2010 --

    Jal Angelsson and his family fully believe in the concept of homeownership. Jal owned his primary residence prior to his move to “Nebraska – The Good Life.” He did not want to rent, so Jal took the opportunity to purchase a small home in Nebraska. By the spring of 2009, Jal, his wife, their son and two teenage daughters had outgrown the home and a larger home was needed to allow the growing family to live more comfortably.

With the assistance of an area real estate agent and the guidance of a Cass County Bank loan officer in Plattsmouth, Neb., the Angelssons were introduced to USDA Rural Development. Via the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing loan program through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding, Jal received an affordable homeownership loan at 100 percent financing. The loan offered Jal and his family the opportunity to purchase a more spacious home in Plattsmouth.

Affordability was a key factor in Jal’s decision to move forward with the purchase of a larger home. The family now lives in a 1,239 square foot home, with a patio, garage and full basement.

The success and pride associated with the ability to purchase a home exemplifies how homeownership can play an integral part in building and maintaining rural communities throughout rural Nebraska; making communities, such as Plattsmouth, a viable place to live and raise families.

“We are enjoying the additional space that our new home affords my family of five.”

—Jal Angelsson, homeowner