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Success Story
Release No. STELPRD4007740
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Jun 01, 2010 -- 

Robert and Kendra Green were paying monthly bills, and there before them was their monthly rent to the landlord for the last two years. The calculations for their $600 a month rent for 12 months, over two years equated to an astonishing $14,400. The thought of paying that much in rent and not having anything in return except, a “thank you” motivated them to try to buy a home. Also, having an 18 month old daughter, they wanted to provide her with a fenced in yard and her own room that they could paint pink. The Greens wanted to take the steps to have a better future for their family.

The long home search started in September 2009. Their very helpful Realtor assisted them to find houses that fit their needs. At this time, the First Time Homebuyers tax credit deadline of November 30, 2009 was getting closer. Robert and Kendra remembered looking at a house that had a sign in the yard, "USDA Rural Development, zero dollars down"; and they asked their Realtor what it was all about and if anyone could qualify? The Realtor handed them the paperwork which was set aside with good intentions by Robert and Kendra. The two also had doubts in the back of their minds as it seemed too good to be true. As they were ready to throw in the towel; the tax credit was extended. On February 2010, their Realtor put them in contact with USDA Rural Development.

According to the Greens, Rural Development was a godsend as they helped in filling out the paperwork. With loan approval taking possibly up to 30 days; the Greens were pre-approved in two weeks. Robert and Kendra received a low interest rate loan with no down payment required that was funded through the USDA Rural Development Single Family Housing Direct Loan program through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding.

The home search was on again! Robert and Kendra looked at 10 different homes in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, before finally finding the one for them. The 1963 built raised-ranch style home consists of three bedrooms, two baths, and an enclosed sun-porch.

“Rural Development was great through the whole process. The staff was definitely our rock as they worked through the steps of buying a first home with us,” said Kendra Green, homeowner. “We closed on our house on April 16, 2010 and we couldn't be happier. Owning a home was something we really didn't think we would ever be able to do. USDA made our dreams a reality.”

Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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