Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4007743
, Jun 01, 2010 --

Maggie was a single mother living with her parents for the past 11 years in Walthill, NE. Her parents lived in separate households – so she would alternate living with each parent. She had insufficient income and credit for a conventional housing loan and was referred to USDA Rural Development by an area realtor.

Rural Development was able to assist Maggie with the housing application, the process of finding a home suitable for her and her 4 year old daughter, and also assistance in making the home eligible for our program. Repairs to the home included complete electrical and plumbing upgrade, new roof, repairing the foundation, and removing lead based paint hazards on the property. Rural Development was able to include the cost of repairs in the loan, allowing Maggie to purchase a home for her and her daughter at a very affordable price with monthly payments that she can easily handle.

Maggie and her daughter were able to move into their newly purchased home in March. They finally have a home that they can call their “own.” The repairs done to the home have removed any health and/or safety hazards and have made it a wonderful place for them to live. They are extremely proud of their home and Maggie has become another successful USDA Rural Development homeowner.