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Louisiana, Sep 01, 2010 --


USDA Rural Development State Director Clarence Hawkins, announced that Louisiana Tech University will benefit from funding made available under the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program (RBEG).

“Rural Development is committed to investing in our communities by providing resources to create and support job opportunities. Today, rural residents say there is more potential for economic growth in rural America than any other time in decades. And with a vision shared by the federal government, state and local partners, non-profits, and private enterprise, I know we will build a stronger rural economy for the 21st century so that communities across rural Louisiana remain the best places in this state to live, work, raise a family, and create economic opportunities” said Hawkins.

    For example, Louisiana Tech University has been selected to receive a $199,956 grant. This funding will be administered by the Technology Business Development Center, to provide technical assistance and training services to Louisiana’s small and emerging private business enterprises in 17 rural parishes all of which are located in the Lower Mississippi Delta Commission area. These parishes are also located in special emphasis and persistent poverty areas, and one parish is located in a Community Adjustment Investment Program area. This project will create 60 jobs.

The RBEG program helps to finance and facilitate the development of new and existing businesses in rural America. Funds can be used for start-up and working capital loans, building and plant renovations, transportation improvements, project planning and other business needs. More information about this program is available at

Funding is contingent upon the recipient meeting the conditions of the grant agreement, and is not provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

USDA Rural Development serves as the lead federal agency for rural development needs by offering financial and technical assistance to individuals, businesses and communities. USDA Rural Development programs include funding for day care centers, fire trucks and other community facility projects; the purchase, construction or repair of homes; loans and guarantees to rural businesses to save or create jobs and renewable energy; and loans and grants for water and sewer utility projects. For more information on programs offered by USDA Rural Development, contact the Louisiana State Office at (318) 473-7920 or visit its website at


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