Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4008236
, Feb 06, 2011 --

USDA Rural Development

Telecommunications Program

Success Story: Infrastructure Loan Program

Interstate 35 Telephone Company

Truro, St. Charles and St. Marys, Iowa


Truro, St. Charles, and St. Marys, Iowa are small towns with combined populations of 1,276. The towns are located 30 to 35 miles south-southwest of Des Moines. Prior to receiving the broadband loan, Interstate 35 Telephone Company (I-35) offered local residents and businesses DSL with download speeds of 1.5mbps. The company knew that higher speeds were required as data requirements continue to increase, and streaming media consumes sizeable amounts of bandwidth.

How Rural Development Helped:

With the assistance of a $7 million loan from Infrastructure USDA Rural Utilities Service in 2012, I-35 significantly upgraded high-speed internet access to the towns and surrounding rural areas of Truro, St. Charles, and St. Marys, Iowa by installing a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The new fiber network allows I-35 to offer customers a basic high-speed access with download speeds of up to 5mbps, and a higher level of service with download speeds up to 10mbps.


Significant economic benefits, directly attributable to the deployment of the FTTH network, have been recognized. A cloud computing company located in the area, in large part because of the presence of a fiber network and its unlimited future capacity. A large, international agricultural corporation that likely would have left the area, decided to remain because the fiber network provides significantly higher speeds than does DSL. In addition, the network has opened up telecommuting options for local residents who work in Des Moines. It has also better enabled local entrepreneurs to expand their target market, find low-cost suppliers and increase their customer base.

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