News Release
Release No.STELPRD4009066
ContactShawna Barnes(816) 364-3767 Ext 4
St. Joseph, MO, Mar 18, 2011 --

@@Shawna Barnes, Specialist with the St. Joseph Office of Rural Development, has announced that funds are available for the purpose of repairing homes in eligible rural areas. The funds are from Rural Development's 504 home repair loan and grant program.

The grant and one percent loan funds are for essential repairs needed to make homes safe and sanitary and to remove health and safety hazards. Most repairs completed under the program are for roof, siding, window and door replacement as well as electrical repairs, furnace and air/conditioning replacement and other repairs needed to keep the home livable.

To qualify for the program applicants must own the home and have an income within Rural Development guidelines.

One percent loans will be on a 10-20 year term and require monthly payments.

Homeowners must be age 62 to qualify for a grant.. Grant funding is limited and many times repairs will be funded with a combination of loan and grant. The program paperwork is relatively simple for applicants with no initial cost involved. Work will be completed by contractors of the applicant's choosing.

Further information on the program is available by visiting USDA's web site at or by contacting Shawna Barnes, at the St. Joseph Rural Development office, 3915 Oakland Avenue, St. Joseph, Missouri 64506 or by calling 816-364-3767 ext. 4.