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Release No. STELPRD4009233
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Mar 31, 2011 -- 

Outline Of Need:

Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC), a county hospital facility in Warrensburg, Missouri, had existing patient room facilities that were very small, not patient friendly, and lacked necessary patient room medical accessories. The hospital was constructed in 1964 with only semi-private rooms and was not benefiting from modern medical and energy efficiency alternatives.

How Rural Development Helped:

Hospital directors initiated plans to complete a $51,500,000 hospital expansion and renovation project. USDA Rural Development provided financing through a $34,000,000 Community Facility Direct loan and a $14,000,000 Community Facility Guaranteed loan through UMB Bank, N.A. WMMC will contribute $3,500,000 to the construction project. Rural Development funding enabled the hospital to obtain construction loans utilizing Build America Bonds. These bonds will allow the hospital to obtain a 35% reduction in the interest accrued during the construction period. This is the first time in Missouri USDA has guaranteed a taxable bond in the Community Facility Program.

The Results:

WMMC is now constructing a two-story patient tower that features 72 private rooms, an expanded Radiology Department, and over 100,000 square feet of new additions and existing facility renovations. Patients will have access to the internet and medical education videos in multiple languages. Patient rooms will be large enough for patient family members to be seated or sleep in the same room as the patient. Each patient room will have Wi-Fi capability for family member access. Nursing stations will be decentralized utilizing medical computer systems outside every two rooms to improve access to the care givers. The hospital pharmacy will be located near the patient rooms along with the radiology department for one-on-one access between the patients, doctors, and pharmacists with easy access and minimal movement of patients. The new facilities will include a new kitchen area with an industrial grill for freshly cooked foods, salad bar, pasta bar, and pizza bar. The construction will focus on making the patients and families feel as close to home as possible while assuring enhanced patient care and a healthier and happier community.

Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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