Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4009248
, Apr 01, 2011 --

Outline Of Need: Sources in extreme southwest Missouri report unsafe water for human and animal consumption. Several studies show the source of water for a local Water District is contaminated with radionuclides. This affects a number of poultry farmers and poultry processing facilities. The District recognized that the water supply was not adequate to serve the domestic and commercial needs of the area.

How Rural Development Helped:

USDA Rural Development awarded funding to McDonald County PWSD No 3 in the amount of $756,000 loan and $1,343,000 grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Results:

The project allowed the District to drill a new safe and reliable well plus expand the distribution system to additional rural customers. The project also allowed the District to partner with the local school district by supplying water due to the construction of a new elementary school.

Safe drinking water helps turkey farmers with food production. The new well has allowed poultry producers to have a dependable water source for their production. The poultry industry is very critical to McDonald county's economy.

The Poultry/Turkey production industry employs over 1,000 people in McDonald county with an average total annual payroll of $8,818,151. The average weekly salary is $621 and the industry shows a 2.4% increase in growth every year.

Rural Development's goal is to build a link between local production and local consumption. If you grow a product, add value through processing and packaging and then sell those products locally, you keep more of the revenue from all of those market opportunities in the local economy.