Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4009257
, Apr 01, 2011 --

Outline Of Need:

Elderly Multi-Family Housing (MFH) complexes for senior citizens are in need of cost efficient and energy saving measures to assist the elderly and disabled tenants. Many of these properties were built over 35 years ago and the owners do not have the resources available to make the improvements needed without raising the rents.

How Rural Development Helped:

Rural Development (RD) saw a need to assist our multi-family housing financed properties benefit from long-term energy savings and bill reduction but with no agency resources available, we had to look for outside help. Rural Development Area Specialists started networking and developed a relationship with AmerenMO, who also saw the need to provide energy saving measures and jumped at the opportunity to assist the properties.

Rural Development staff organized informational training meetings between AmerenMO and the Board of Directors for the Properties. Additionally, RD staff assisted many of the owners with the necessary paperwork to obtain the grant funds. Finally, RD staff was at the properties to assist with the required inspections once the energy efficient measures were completed at each of the tenant's units.

The Results:

Through the direct installation of a variety of lighting, new refrigerators, air conditioner units, water faucet measures, dehumidifiers, and customer education, several RD multi-family housing complexes and their tenants are now experiencing lower electric bills and ways to conserve energy.

As one tenant stated, ”I like knowing the air conditioner has an “econo” setting and it turns totally off when not in use. This is a great way to conserve energy and has reduced my energy costs by 30% so I can use the extra money to pay for my medicine.”

The improvements made to the RD financed multi-family housing properties with the AmerenMO program will not only assist 3,589 residents of these properties with cost saving, it will help the conservation of our energy resources.