Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4009763
, Apr 21, 2011 --

The City of Piedmont presently does not have a water or wastewater system. Individual residence and business needs have been served by individual systems that were constructed on an as needed basis.

A water and environmental loan was awarded to the City of Piedmont in the amount of $617,000. Federal Funds will be leveraged with an applicant contribution of $35,000 and a local contribution of $420,000.

The City of Piedmont will construct a complete water distribution system and will purchase water from the Black Hawk Water Users District. A 10-inch water main will be installed, covering approximately 12,000 feet and includes development to the newly constructed Piedmont Valley elementary school.

“This announcement highlights President Obama’s commitment to winning the future for communities like Piedmont across the country through strong stewardship of the environment and modern infrastructure to support economic growth,” said Ponti-Lazaruk.

“The federal funding will assist the City of Piedmont with Phase I of the distribution system which includes construction of a connection to the Black Hawk Water Users District and installation of a master meter,” said Meeks. “The development of a community central water system will enhance the quality of life in the area and facilitates sensible and sustainable economic development.”

“This is a case of local government trying to fix a serious problem and being able to do so with the help of federal funding,” said Philip Anderson, Mayor of the City of Piedmont.

“This project is the result of over three years of planning and development.  It could not have happened without the help and cooperation of the USDA Rural Development, the Meade County School Board, the SDDENR, Black Hawk Water, and the citizens and leaders of Piedmont,” said Jeffery Hines, Project Manager with Bartlett & West.