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Release No. STELPRD4010046
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May 12, 2011 -- 

Tonya Clyde, a 36-year old single mother of two children was in the process of a divorce and living in a home owned by her soon to be ex-husband. She needed to find a home for herself, her children, and her 86-year old grandmother as soon as possible. Since she had always been a stay at home mom and never employed in her life, she was desperate to find a job and a home at the same time.

 With the help of her grandmother to watch the children, Tonya obtained a full-time job with Wal Mart as a sales associate. Becoming employed was a huge accomplishment and the excitement of the possibility of owning her own home and providing a better life for her two children, Timothy age 9 and Raven age 6, convinced her to check into our housing program further.

Tonya learned about our program through a friend. She came into the office and worked with Rural Development staff to get an application started. She was approved for a Rural Housing 502-low income loan.

After searching for several months, Tonya found an older home within her budget in Henry. The two-story home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms to accommodate her family’s needs. The bathrooms needed to be updated, carpet and windows replaced, and the siding will be painted this spring.

 After being told that she would never be able to succeed on her own with someone else’s financial support, Tonya found a new lease on life, a burst of energy and determination to prove them wrong. She has gained the self-confidence to enroll in the business administration program at American National University here in Watertown. Upon completion of this program, she hopes to get a job in an office setting to utilize the knowledge.

 After going through a divorce, no job, and virtually homeless, Tonya has gained self-esteem, motivation, and can see a brighter future for herself, children, and her grandmother. This goes to show what determination and will power can do!

 Tonya stated that the biggest benefit of our program was that “You were here when I needed someone to help at a difficult time in my life to get on my feet in order to support my family.” She also said that she appreciated all the help and guidance Rural Development gave her.


Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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