Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4010562
, Jun 08, 2011 --

Pawnee City high school students and citizens want to be good stewards of their community and they identified the need for a consistent recycling center for the city. City staff and the Student Council members collaborated to support an ongoing recycling collection site. Previously, no broad recycling capacity existed in Pawnee City. The citizens and business owners were only able to recycle aluminum, other metals and waste oil. The City of Pawnee City lacked the readily available cash to purchase the recycling trailer without leveraging funds from USDA Rural Development.

USDA Rural Development provided $8,000 of grant funds in February 2011 to the City of Pawnee City to purchase the 10-bin recycling trailer.

From the momentum of the student leaders and the Pawnee City staff, the green dream has become a reality. A stable, sustainable, recycling connection for the citizens of the community has been established. The 10-bin recycling trailer will be available for all sectors of residential and commercial use throughout the community. The City has made a commitment to provide a staff member to shuttle the recycling trailer from Pawnee City to a regional recycling center at least twice a month, and more if needed. The Pawnee City Student Council leaders have volunteered to assist in the oversight and maintenance of the trailer to present a positive image for Pawnee City. The desire to elevate recycling in Pawnee City has brought the community together to support this project.

“This is like a dream come true. The recycling trailer is something we have been working on for at least two years. Some of the youth who first started this in motion have graduated, but others have continued to pursue this green dream. We are excited that this joint effort between our city and school and Rural Development has become a reality. Thank you so much,” said Mayor Duane Westing, City of Pawnee City.