Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4010563
, Jun 07, 2011 --

Bushnell is a small community of 162 in western Nebraska who used their backhoe for excavating trenches, snow removal, general grading and repairs around the Village. The backhoe was extremely old and parts were difficult to find to make needed repairs. With a loosely swinging bucket and no windshield, this key piece of equipment had become a safety hazard.

USDA Rural Development provided the Village of Bushnell a Community Facility Grant of $23,890 in March of 2011, which was combined with the Village contribution of $20,110 to purchase a four wheel drive backhoe/loader with an enclosed cab and windshield, making it more usable in the winter months.

The enclosed backhoe provided the Village with a new safe, versatile piece of equipment that is used to repair and maintain the infrastructure of Bushnell. This has had a positive impact and is assisting with the revitalization of this rural Nebraska community.

Rick Dickenson, maintenance person for the Village of Bushnell said, “The new backhoe can be used daily in Village operations. Depending on the season, the backhoe can be used for street repair and maintenance, snow removal as well as mowing the sewer pond and 10 acres of ditches in town, as well as digging graves and trenches. This winter when I had to trench, it cut through the frozen ground like butter. The funds from USDA Rural Development to help purchase the backhoe has made my job so much easier.”