Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4010628
, May 15, 2010 --


Mr. Ross is a single father of three children ranging from ages four through seven living in his parents’ overcrowded ranch home. He has been employed for eight years as a meat packer in Atlantic County. After learning about our 502 Direct Housing Program, Mr. Ross placed his application in the Vineland Area Office for eligibility determination.

Area Specialist, Deborah Tort partnered with Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) using their Down Payment Assistance Program. Their portion of the loan does not require a monthly payment and is deferred for 10 years. Rents in the area range anywhere from $700.00 and up. Mr. Ross’s mortgage payment with Rural Development is under $600.00 including taxes and insurance. Deborah’s knowledge of various programs being offered in Atlantic County made homeownership a reality for this single father of three.

Rural Development is pleased to report the home Mr. Ross bought is close to his parent’s home and job. His home is on a corner lot which has a ball field and playground just down the street for his family to enjoy. The transition went smoothly since the children remained in the same school system and day-care.