Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4010915
, Apr 07, 2011 --

With a gentle rain falling from the sky, Congressman Bob Goodlatte led the list of honored attendees in congratulating the Town of Buchanan on receiving over $6.2 million dollars in assistance from Rural Development.

This loan and grant assistance will be used to install over 6 miles of new waterlines in the town. “The old, leaky system has cost the town plenty,” said Mayor Tom Middlecamp. He listed repair costs, electricity, stress on pumps, and wear and tear among the problems with an aged system built prior to the mid 1920’s. Not to mention that over two thirds of the water in the system, leaks out before it ever reaches the consumer.

Due to the ground water contamination in the system, the residence and businesses in the town are also required to boil the tap water before consuming. This has caused much concern for those citizens living in the community. The assistance will greatly improve the Towns ability to hold and attract new businesses with take full advantage of its great location just off I-81 and located right on the James River.

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