Success Story
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, Jul 01, 2011 --


Manufacturing Facility

Outline of Need

Unilife is a medical device company focused on the design, development, manufacture and supply of a proprietary range of retractable syringes. The need was to construct a custom-built, global headquarters and commercial production facility in York, Pennsylvania.

How Rural Development Helped

USDA Rural Development provided an $18,000,000 Business and Industry Guaranteed loan to construct the facilities described above.

The Results

The 165,000 sq. ft. facility was completed in late 2010 and can accommodate future growth as well as the Company’s projected demand from pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for its proprietary range of Unifill ready-to-fill (prefilled) and Unitract general purpose safety syringes. Stage one of the facility is designed to accommodate the production of up to 400 million Unilife syringes per year and to meet stringent pharmaceutical standards for primary drug containers. Other sections of the facility include space to house Unilife’s global headquarters that support administrative, marketing, new product development, quality laboratories and other operational functions.

Unilife, which first arrived in Pennsylvania in 2006 has taken on approximately 200 employees. The company expects that number to double by 2015.

June 2011

Fast Facts

Program: Business & Industry Guaranteed Loan Program

Congressional District: PA-19th

Investment: $18,000,000 Guaranteed Loan

Partners: Sanofi-aventis, Mikron Group, MDMA


York City Population—40, 862


• Increase jobs in medical manufacturing

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