Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4011695
, Apr 07, 2011 --

Bridgewater College near Harrisonburg, Virginia recently unveiled its new student housing community called Stone Village.

The five-unit complex is expected to receive the LEED Energy Certification as a result of its many green features. High efficiency HVAC, occupancy sensor lighting, recycled building materials and even the interior paints that were used were all environmentally friendly to improve indoor air quality.

The new village along with renovations to two existing student housing buildings and kitchen facilities will allow the college to enroll an additional 87 students for the fall 2011 semester.

A recent Bridgewater graduate, Katelyn Stackpole, lived in one of the first completed buildings during the spring semester. She described the new student housing as gorgeous and spacious, with a kitchen where she cooked all her meals.

Funding for these improvements to the rural college was made by a $14 million dollar Rural Development, Community Facility Loan.

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