Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4011958
, Aug 25, 2011 --

As the cost of electricity continued to rise, Mike Van Buskirk, manager of Y7, LLC, decided he needed to look at different options to continue to operate irrigation equipment as part of the farming operation. Wanting to utilize an energy source that would not be depleted, Mike decided to look to a renewable energy option, the wind.

Through the Section 9007 Rural Energy for America Program, Rural Development was able to provide a renewable energy grant in September 2009 to Y7, LLC to offset 25 percent of the cost and installation for a Renewegy VP-20 wind turbine located in Hay Springs, Nebraska.

The VP-20 turbine went online in November of 2010 and is being monitored for efficiency. Annual reporting of energy generation is required and will provide educational benefits to others interested in installing like systems. Annual production for the turbine is estimated to be 35,000 kWh.

“The two operational wind turbines are validation of the tremendous wind resource that is available to Western Nebraska. Farmers and ranchers can use wind to reduce escalating electricity costs for irrigation and other farm operations,” said Mike Van Buskirk.