Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4012302
, Apr 01, 2011 --

Local families in the Bayfield and surrounding areas were underserved by affordable options for preschool education. The education center in Bayfield was at their capacity and dozens of children were on the waiting list. The entity needed to expand and USDA Rural Development helped by awarding the Bayfield Early Education Program (BEEP) a $500,000 Loan and $200,000 Grant through the Community Facility Program to purchase land and construct an early education center. This community is growing steadily, as Bayfield housing prices for young families continue to be less than those in the Durango, Colorado area.

 Through the funding provided by Rural Development the entity purchased land and began construction of the new 7000 square foot building and construction was completed in May 2011.

 Originally, the school encompassed three classrooms and served nearly 100 children. Now that the new building is complete, they have been able to add four preschool classrooms for 2011-2012. With this increase in classrooms, the center has nearly doubled the amount of children that can be served in this rural community and hope to alleviate the current wait list. The addition of this facility has provided additional educational and daycare opportunities for working families in the community.