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Anchorage, AK, Aug 01, 2011 --

@@Rural Development Alaska State Director Jim Nordlund announced today that applications are being accepted for grants to help low and very low income rural residents repair their homes.

"These funds help limited-income rural homeowners improve their living conditions,” Nordlund said. “The costs associated with maintaining a home are a challenge for many rural Alaskan homeowners and the funding we are announcing will be used by awardees to help low and very low-income residents in rural areas maintain and repair their homes.”

Housing Preservation Grants (HPG) are provided to intermediaries such as town or county governments, public agencies, federally recognized Indian Tribes and non-profit and faith-based organizations. The grants are then distributed to qualified homeowners or owners of multi-family rental properties or cooperative dwellings who rent to low and very low income residents. Funding is not provided directly to homeowners by USDA under this program.

The grants can be used to weatherize and repair existing structures, install or improve plumbing or provide access to people with disabilities.

USDA may award up to $9.8 million nationwide in competitive grants through the Housing Preservation Grant program. Applications are due by August 22, 2011. For more information about application details, please view the Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) published in the July 7, 2011 Federal Register at:

For information on who to contact about Housing Preservation Grants in Alaska, please visit:

Housing Preservation Grants help bring job growth and stability to low-income communities while improving the living conditions of rural Americans. USDA Rural Development has invested more than $100,000 throughout Alaska since 2009.