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Fairbanks, Alaska, Oct 31, 2011 --

@@ USDA-Rural Development Alaska State Director Jim Nordlund today announced Alaska based Superior Pellet Fuels, LLC in Fairbanks will receive funding through the USDA-RD Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels in the amount of $2,205.

“This funding will help a local manufacturer increase the production and availability of a renewable energy resource. This benefits Alaskan residents in cost savings over fossil fuel by using a locally produced, sustainable and economical alternative such as wood pellets,” Nordlund said. “Just as importantly, USDA-RD’s support will help to further develop Alaska’s growing biofuels industry, generate more jobs and spur further economic growth.”

Under this program, payments are made to eligible producers to support and ensure an expanding production of advanced biofuels. Payments are based on the amount of biofuels a recipient produces from renewable biomass, other than corn kernel starch. Eligible examples include biofuels derived from cellulose; crop residue; animal, food and yard waste material; biogas (landfill and sewage waste treatment gas); vegetable oil, and animal fat. Through this and other programs, USDA-RD is working to support the research, investment and infrastructure necessary to build a biofuels industry that creates jobs and conserves natural resources across Alaska.

Superior Pellet Fuels, LLC General Manager Chad Schumacher said, “As a new company providing renewable fuel options for Interior Alaska, we are grateful for the funding awarded through the USDA-RD Advanced Biofuel program. The funding has been helpful as we continue to fine-tune our manufacturing system and improve our quality control. It has also aided with encouraging additional users to convert to pellet heating systems at a reduction in home heating fuel cost by nearly 40% at current fuel oil prices.”

Since taking office, President Obama's Administration has taken significant steps to improve the lives of rural Americans and has provided broad support for rural communities. The Obama Administration has set goals of modernizing infrastructure by providing broadband access to 10 million Americans, expanding educational opportunities for students in rural areas, and providing affordable health care.

In the long term, these unparalleled rural investments will help ensure that America's rural communities are repopulating, self-sustaining, and thriving economically.

USDA-Rural Development administers and manages housing, business and community infrastructure and facility programs through a national network of state and local offices. Rural Development has an existing portfolio of more than $155 billion in loans and loan guarantees. These programs are designed to improve the economic stability of rural communities, businesses, residents, farmers and ranchers and improve the quality of life in rural America.

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