Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4013443
, Sep 07, 2011 --

 Joyce Jakeway is a single mother raising a high energy hyper active child. She had been living in a small apartment for the past seven years and was ready to start building equity in something she owned rather than pay rent. Her child also longed for a yard to play in.

Rural Development provided Joyce the paperwork to complete and begin the process of identifying if she qualified for a home loan. Her application was approved and a local realtor helped her search for a home that she liked and could afford. Home ownership classes were taken through Homes Are Possible Incorporated (HAPI) where she received helpful information and also qualified for a $3,500 grant for closing costs and loan reduction. Joyce all received an Aberdeen HUD voucher to help with mortgage payments.

Since moving into their new home, her son is happily making new friends in the neighborhood and has a yard to play in. “My son and I are both happier in our new home,” said Jakeway. She continued, “I am also building equity in something of my own and my mortgage is less money than I paid in rent. I feel that I am saving money with buying my home. I recommend Rural Development to others who want to become homeowners; they provide good programs.”