Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4013444
, Dec 09, 2011 --

 Salem Veterinary Clinic in Salem, SD wanted to install a solar panel powered in floor hot water heating system in their recently remodeled clinic and office/retail area of the business with the intent to greatly reduce their energy costs in the business.

USDA Rural Development was able to help the veterinary clinic with a $15,680 Rural Energy for America (REAP) grant to install the in floor hot water heating system which is powered by solar panels mounted on the roof of the building.

Through Rural Development grant funds, the Salem Veterinary Clinic was able to install the solar panels for renewable energy production. The solar system consists of 8 - 4x10 collectors. This system will use renewable energy to satisfy approximately 57% of the energy needed in one year to operate the business.

In previous years the Salem Vet Clinic was using approximately 159MM BTU’s per year. With the installation of the solar panels, the projected outcome of renewable energy is 90MM BTU’s per year.

USDA Rural Development’s REAP grant awarded to the Salem Veterinary Clinic provides a great example of how these funds are being allocated to make small business projects possible in Rural America. Since the goal of this type of funding is for Rural America to become more energy independent, this renewable energy project will contribute to that goal.