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Release No. STELPRD4014733
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Feb 15, 2012 -- 

Memories of a good home cooked meal…. Mom’s in the kitchen…Dad’s snatching tidbits when Mom’s back is turned….wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen. As the family joins together for dinner, the table is laden with scrumptious food, and Mom brings the crowning jewel to the table… a beautiful golden brown goose, roasted to perfection.

Are you wondering where you’d find a goose today to enjoy any time? Did you know that 85-90% of the geese on the American market come from Schiltz Foods in Sisseton, South Dakota – a family business that grew from 5 geese in 1944 to over 200,000 birds today. Brothers Richard and Jim Schiltz took over for their dad, Marlin, several years ago and oversee everything from production to marketing and beyond.

In the 60+ years that Schiltz Foods has been in business, the company has had its ups and downs, but the “down” in 2007 nearly spelled the end of the line for this company. In 2005, SD Dept of Environment and Natural Resources (SD DENR) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that the goose production farm meet Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation (CAFO) requirements by installing a holding pond for the wastes. However, the excavation loosed a deadly threat – fowl cholera. The company lost 20% of its geese in 2005, 22% in 2006, and a whopping 40% in 2007, for a combined loss of nearly $2 million!

The owners realized they needed to make a change to their production method, but they needed to buy more land to do it. But, due to losses the last 3 years, their bank refused to advance any funds. Without making the changes, the company would continue its decline, so Richard & Jim met with George Sinner of American Federal Bank in Fargo, ND.

George was impressed with the expertise and knowledge of the Schiltz Brothers and after careful review of the financials, he was convinced that the company could be turned around. A $1.5 million loan was approved– with a USDA Rural Development Business and Industry guarantee- and a Goose Farm SBA loan was approved for $2 million; Schiltz Foods was able to make the improvements in production, which would prevent another disease problem like this. The change in production methods has resulted in the majority of the birds being drug-free for the last 3 years, and a company record 5.02% death loss last year.

On a recent visit to Sisseton, the company was in full processing production. One hundred and fifty employees process 6,000 to 7,000 birds each day at this USDA inspected plant. Sales were down in 2010, and Richard and Jim expect that sales won’t be much better in 2011 due to the sluggish economy. But they’re expanding their product offerings by selling smoked goose breasts, whole smoked geese (ready for the table in 90 minutes), and even goose eggs. See their complete line of products on their website at

Jim believes that sales will rebound when the economy improves, and he feels Schiltz Foods is positioned for the 21st Century. “We have added a fully cooked whole smoked goose to our product line as well as smoked goose breast,” said co-owner Jim Schiltz. “The whole smoked goose provides ‘fast’ without sacrificing flavor and the exquisiteness of goose, it received the 2012 Tasty Award for Poultry category and was presented as a gift idea from South Dakota in a December episode of the Today Show.”

When you’re looking for that special something for dinner, whether it be Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any day of the year, try a roast goose from Schiltz Foods in Sisseton, SD.

Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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