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, Feb 01, 2012 --

Community Building

Rural Development Helps Make Homes Affordable in Heber City

Outline Of Need:

Heber City is just east of the affluent ski resorts of Park City, Utah. In the last ten years the population of Heber has grown by 55.8%, a good sign for a small city. However, the cost of living is on the rise and the average price for a single family home in Heber City is currently $259,145, leaving many families with little options for affordable housing.

How Rural Development Helped:

USDA Rural Development, working with the Rural Housing Development Corporation, provided four families with loans to help alleviate the cost of building new homes. Each family received $212,774 in a combination of loans to join the Mutual Self-Help program.

The Results:

Four families are now experiencing homeownership and the satisfaction that comes with it. Nancy Nebeker, a single mother, couldn’t fathom how she could afford to raise her two children as well as purchase a clean, safe, sturdy home on her one income. The Mutual Self-Help program was the best way she could become a homeowner.

“My children learned a lot, I think,” she said. “They learned what it’s like to work hard for something.”

Jonathan and Karyann Thacker, also new homeowners, said the experience had the most impact on their children as well. “They had the most fun, walking around with hammers and nails wanting to help.”

The program requires families contribute at least 30 hours per week of construction work, amounting to 65 percent of the total labor.

January 2012

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