Success Story
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, Aug 31, 2011 --

Outline Of Need:

The tiny town of Granville (population 303) had an opportunity to convert the former school into an improved and energy efficient Town Clerk’s Office adjacent to the historic Town Hall.

How Rural Development Helped:

Leveraging energy efficiency funds of $48,930, Rural Development invested grant funds of $90,700 and loan funds of $164,300 in renovations.

The Results:

The updated municipal center is more structurally sound, far more energy efficient, handicapped

accessible, and—unlike the previous Town Clerk’s office—it has indoor plumbing.

The Granville Town Hall was once the Town’s only church, constructed in 1838, then rebuilt in 1871 to raise the original sanctuary up to what is now the second floor. The annual Town Meeting is held on the first floor, a far more comfortable event this year with increased insulation in walls and ceiling. Piers and posts added to the basement have made the floor

more stable, and Granville’s historic theater curtain will hang in the renewed auditorium.

“It just made sense to combine our municipal assetsinto one location,” said Selectboard Chair Cheryl Sargeant. “It was really about creating a civic heart for our little community.”

Community dances and chicken pie suppers, easier access to the Town Clerk - the citizens of Granville have invested in community in a big way.

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            August 2011