Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4015845
, Apr 19, 2012 --

MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. was founded in 1995, with its first official day of business on January 1, 1996. MetalQuest first used a rented facility in Deshler, Nebraska. MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. moved to its current location in 1999. MetalQuest Unlimited specializes in computer numerical control based machining of high volume family based components that have a very fine margin of tolerance. MetalQuest’s reputation is at the top of its industry. It has been able to meet its customers’ needs on time, with precision specifications being met and exceeded. USDA Rural Development has assisted MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. by being able to guarantee the Thayer County Bank’s loans. MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. has utilized five guaranteed loans since 1999. MetalQuest is again expanding its business and Thayer County Bank is finalizing a new $1,500,000.00 USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Business and Industry request.

USDA Rural Development was able to support MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. with guaranteed loans, which has allowed Thayer County Bank to grow its lending ability to accommodate MetalQuest's expansion needs for building construction and working capital.  The guaranteed loan product allows the bank and its borrower to grow in a well coordinated and efficient environment.

MetalQuest Unlimited Inc. has continued to grow and gain market share in the precision parts manufacturing sector. MetalQuest has been able to provide 54 current technical jobs and anticipates creating 12 new jobs through the new request for a Rural Development Guaranteed Business and Industry loan.