Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4015849
, Apr 19, 2012 --

James Carroll, his wife and five sons were living in a two bedroom apartment that made it extremely crowded. James could not find a rental unit large enough for his family that he could afford. A local real estate agent told him about USDA Rural Development.

In September 2011, USDA Rural Development provided a $117,000 loan through the Direct Homeownership Loan Program to purchase a home.

James found a home in Plattsmouth, Nebraska that met all the family’s needs. It is a three bedroom, one and one-half bath, split foyer home with a two car garage. A very important feature is that they have their own laundry area. The children now have a back yard and basement playroom for their use and can make all the noise they want. While at the apartment, the landlord had stipulated that while living there the children were not allowed to go outside without an adult and they were to remain quiet while inside and outside of the apartment. The family has also been able to bring their dog back to their household.

Homeowner James Carroll said, “I am very grateful for the loan to purchase our home. The family stress level has improved and everyone is happier.”