Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4015910
, Jan 09, 2012 --

Outline of Need:

The region of Aiken County is the old textile belt, where most of the plants closed and many citizens lost their jobs. This project will enable Breezy Hill to be an independent and major supplier of water and sewer to a large area of Aiken County. In the past, the county has been forced to buy 50% of the water as the existing aquifer was not able to support additional drilling. In addition, upgrade of the water system will be beneficial in efforts to attract new manufacturing companies to the area.

How Rural Development Helped:

 A $7,129,000 loan and $1,987,700 grant was provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Results:

Funds will be used for construction of a 5 MGD water plant on Clearwater Pond and a new 20” transmission line from the new water plant to Bettis Academy Road. The improvements will serve as the backbone of the water distribution system. Due to the upgrades, MTU Detroit diesel is now building a manufacturing facility in the county’s industrial park. It is projected that the plant will bring 100 new jobs to the area. Moreover, the company will be rehabbing and expanding an existing, vacated Ball Bearing manufacturing plant. Access to water for fire flow and use in the plant is crucial to Detroit Diesel and other facilities considering to move to the industrial park. The water treatment plant will produce 4.7 million gallons of water per day, making it possible for companies like Bridgestone/Firestone to expand. Just recently, Bridgestone announced a $1.2 Billion project in this Breezy Hill’s water district for the purpose of building a new facility, expanding an existing facility, and adding 850 new jobs! In addition, Breezy Hill Water is also in contact with several other manufacturers looking to relocate to the area and hopes to attract more jobs to Aiken County.

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