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Lincoln, Nebraska, May 08, 2012 --

@@USDA Rural Developmentā€™s Rural Utilities Service has announced, in the May 3, 2012 Federal Register, grant funds to be competitively awarded for the Household Water Well System (HWWS) Grant Program for fiscal year 2012. RUS will make grants to qualified private nonprofit organizations to establish lending programs for homeowners to construct or repair household water wells for an existing home.

The HWWS grant program has been established to help individuals with low to moderate incomes finance the costs of household water wells that they own or will own.

As the grant recipients, private non-profit organizations will receive HWWS grants to establish lending programs that will provide water well loans to individuals. The individuals, as loan recipients, may use the loans to construct, refurbish, and service their household well systems.

The HWWS grant program application guide, forms, samples and regulation are available from these sources:

- Internet for electronic copies: or;

- Water and Environmental Programs for paper copies:

RUS, Water Programs Division, STOP 1570, Room 2233-S,

1400 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20250-1570,

Telephone: (202) 720-9589; Fax: (202) 690-0649

For fiscal year 2012, RUS has available $993,000 in grant funds to be competitively awarded for the (HWWS) grant program. The deadline for paper and electronic submissions is June 4, 2012. Paper applications must be postmarked and mailed, shipped, or sent overnight no later than the closing date to be considered for FY 2012 grant funding. Electronic applications must have an electronic date and time stamp by midnight of June 4, 2012.

USDA supports the sound development of rural communities and the growth of our economy without endangering the environment. The RUS provides financial and technical assistance to help communities bring safe drinking water and sanitary, environmentally sound waste disposal facilities to Rural Americans in greatest need.

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