Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4017968
, Jun 04, 2012 --

Outline of Need: Two day-care providers closed their operations in the city of Berthold, leaving the community in need for child care services. Kids Academy formed as a non-profit organization to meet this demand. The academy partnered with ABC Child Care Center of Minot and Zion Lutheran Church. The Church provided the facility, but it was only temporary and did not offer enough space.


How Rural Development Helped: Through the Rural Economic Development Grant program (REDG), USDA Rural Development provided a $300,000 grant to the local cooperative, Verendrye Electric, to establish a revolving loan fund that would help build a new child care center.


The Results: Kids Academy began operating out of their new child care center on May 25th, 2012. With 3,672 square feet, the facility can accommodate up to 65 children and plans to be at full capacity in the fall. The center has a kitchen, dining area, and spacious environment to support preschool, youth, and after school programs. The project will help alleviate the current demand for daycare services in the community and will attract families considering moving to the area, especially with jobs in the oil patch.

 As a result of the project, the center expects to create as many as 20 new jobs. The total project cost is estimated at $430,000 which includes the pre-fabricated building, playground, and indoor equipment.


“Verendrye applauds the USDA for making this program available to help our communities grow.” - Bruce Carlson, manager of Verendrye Electric Cooperative.