Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4017969
, Aug 06, 2012 --

Outline of Need: For over 10 years, the South Central Water District worked to bring a water treatment facility to Emmons County in North Dakota. Folks in south central North Dakota relied on individual wells that sometimes had to be shared with neighbors. With a limited underground water source, there was always a concern of running out. 

How Rural Development Helped: USDA Rural Development financed three of the four phases to bring water to Emmons, Logan and McIntosh Counties; State Line Water Cooperative; and surrounding areas.

The Results: Folks no longer have to haul water or worry about watering livestock during a drought. A clean, adequate water supply now flows constantly through the pipelines. Completed in May 2012, phase one built a tube intake along the Missouri River at Beaver Bay into Lake Oahe, constructing a 2.5 million gallon per day water treatment plant, building a 500,000-gallon storage reservoir, and laying 21 miles of transmission lines. Phase two will include laying 275 miles of transmission lines, the building of two booster stations, the purchase and installation of bulk user meters and telemetry equipment, and the building of a 200,000-gallon storage reservoir. The last phases will continue to expand services in the area.


The water treatment plant will employ five to seven people when it is fully operational. The project has already extended water service to 380 new customers. In 2015, the last two phases of the project will be completed serving 10,000 people in the tri-county area.