Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4018519
, Oct 05, 2012 --

Outline of Need:

In 1969, LaSalle Parish Servicing District #1 started on ten acres of land to serve the local community as a 35-bed critical access hospital. The rural residents would have to drive into metropolitan areas for advanced state-of-the-art facilities with necessary equipment. Improved access to the town increased the need for a facility capable of meeting today's standard of medical practice that would met federal guidelines and serve a growing community by providing services to the residents of Olla, Urania, Winnfield, and surrounding communities.



How Rural Development Helped:

USDA Rural Development assisted by providing a direct loan in the amount of $2,859,000 and a guaranteed loan of $1,000,000 by a private-sector lender. The funding for this project was through the combined efforts of USDA Rural Development, Southern Heritage Bank, and the Department of Health and Hospitals to construct the new 15,859-square-foot rural health care facility.


The Results:

In 2010, Hardener Medical Center broke ground for construction of the new Rural Hardtner Medical Center in LaSalle Parish. The expansion resulted in four suites forming the perimeter around a central waiting room. Two suites were designed as stand-alone clinics for two physicians. One is subdivided for the specific use of a separate suite for Kid-Med, pediatrician, psychologist, and a section designated for an MRI suite. Two small labs are for routine laboratory services.

With the opening of the new rural clinic, it is anticipated that the existing facilities will be used by the hospital to attract other medical specialties. An increase in patients are expected to more than double during the forecasted period, which will generate additional net revenues, increase services rendered, and create additional jobs. The ribbon cutting and open house was held in November of last year.


USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Programs are available for public bodies, nonprofit organizations, and Indian tribes to improve, develop, or finance essential community facilities for rural communities.