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Milford, Nebraska, Apr 19, 2013 --

@@Clarence Stauffer has been named the Resident of the Year by USDA Rural Development at Linden Village in Milford, Nebraska. Not only that, Clarence turns 100 years old on April 21, 2013. A birthday party was held today at Linden Village to celebrate both honors.

“USDA Rural Development is pleased to be here today to present Clarence with a plaque for being named the Resident of the Year at Linden Village,” said Program Support Director Roger Meeks, USDA Rural Development. “It is a great pleasure to also be able to share in helping Clarence celebrate his upcoming 100th birthday.”

Stauffer has lived at Linden Village since February 2008. He loves to tell people that the only address he has had is Milford. His father moved the family to Milford after leaving Germany when Clarence was two years old. Clarence’s family bought the family farm for $5.00 an acre and Clarence farmed it after his father retired. Today, his grandsons farm the land. Clarence has five children, 13 grandchildren and not quite sure just how many great grandchildren. His wife, Vi, passed away a number of years ago. He loves to talk about his farming years, was a prominent figure in the Mennonite Church and loves to sing.

Linden Village 1 offers 24 one-bedroom cottages and Linden Village 2 consists of 24 one-bedroom units for occupancy by the elderly or disabled. Many services are provided the tenants such as meals, chiropractor and foot doctor visits, beauty shop, bible studies, book club, visits from 4-H and elementary students. Transportation to Seward, Lincoln and local businesses in Milford are only a portion of the amenities offered. The occupancy rate for Linden Village remains high with a waiting list in place for future vacancies.

“Glenda Maury, the Executive Director and Manager of Linden Village have done an excellent job of caring for the residents and for the maintenance and management of the facilities,” said Multi-Family Housing Specialist Terri Kostal, USDA Rural Development. “She takes a genuine interest in her tenants’ needs. She plans activities for the residents to keep them active and healthy.”

“Clarence has shown me what wisdom looks like. He comes to the office several times a day telling me stories of growing up, stories of his children and that he always prays for his family, his kids, his grandkids, and his great-grandkids every day.  I always tell him that is why the Lord has kept him here; to provide that link for his family.  He tells me stories about Milford and he loves to talk about crop prices and compares them to what he used to get.  I really feel blessed to have him living at Linden Village,” said Maury.